Here are a couple of trusted outside resources:

Mindfulness Northwest: I unconditionally recommend Mindfulness Northwest for classes and retreats. Their teachers are top-notch and a joy to practice with, and they are a non-profit: their offerings have sliding scale fees and self-select scholarship options. In addition, their web site has a vast (free) library of information about mindfulness, and a large (free) collection of guided meditations you can stream or download. Find them here:

Cat Enright: Cat Enright is a Certified Yoga Therapist with over 30 years of yoga experience, and deeply imbues her work with the principles and practices of mindfulness. (Not surprising – the roots of Yoga, like Buddhism, are in mindful meditation.) As a long-time client (and friend) of hers, I have come to admire and respect how artfully and compassionately she helps her clients find wisdom and healing. More at