For Organizations

A very large and growing both of peer-reviewed studies have shown that mindfulness training conveys significant benefits not only to the participants, but to their employers as well:
Employers have seen:
    • Greater employee engagement
    • Higher morale
    • Improved productivity
    • Reduced stress and burnout
    • Lower turnover
Employees have expressed:
    • Stronger connections to their organization
    • Greater job satisfaction
    • Improved focus and creativity
    • Gratitude for the benefits of this training for both their work and home lives.

Current Offerings


Fundamentals of Mindfulness 
This class consists of four 2-hour class sessions spread over four weeks (eg. Four consecutive Monday mornings), PLUS a half-day retreat. Each class consists of three elements: information on the science and practice of mindfulness meditation, actual hands-on learning of various mindfulness mediation practices, and small-and-large group sharing of the experiences (we’ve found that the latter is a very powerful way for participants to solidify what they’ve learned and experienced, and encourages on-going support of each other in keeping their practices going). Participants receive homework assignments after each class for additional learning including specific suggestions for near-daily practice during the week.


During the half-day retreat day, participants will be guided through a series of guided meditation and other mindfulness practices (including a mindful brown bag lunch) which will help solidify their practices and give them feel for what sustained mindfulness looks like. Most participants consider this the highlight of the class!

One of the great benefits of the class format is that a sustained mindfulness learning structure over several weeks gives plenty of time (and encouragement) for participants to blend these practices into their work (and home) routines – so that the benefits persist long after the class is over.


These one-time workshops are customized for each organization. Generally the first is a hands-on introduction to mindfulness meditation practices. Subsequent ones can go deeper, or can focus on a topic such as stress management, emotional resilience, mindful communication and managing chronic pain.

Drop-in groups

These groups are designed to help people who have had some formal mindfulness training maintain and grow their practice. Normally 90 minutes in length, the are about 2/3 meditating and 1/3 learning and discussion. They are also a great opportunity for participants to ask questions and get help with difficulties around their own practice. I customize these groups to fit your staff needs.


Customized Training

I am happy to adjust my curricula to fit the needs of your organization. For example, if the Fundamentals class is a difficult fit for your organization, an alternative could be an introductory workshop or two followed by a regularly scheduled and guided drop-in group (one that combines both practices and learning).