Topics Drop-in Group

I plan to hold a weekly, 90-minute drop-in practice-and-learn group to support you in your ongoing mindfulness practice.

Note: This group assumes you have taken some formal mindfulness classes. If you are a beginner, please consider my Beginners Class or Fundamentals of Mindfulness Class.

Date/Time: The in-person group has been suspended due to the Corona Virus epidemic. I’m working to move it online – will email the details as soon as it’s set. If you aren’t registered, please do so (using the form below) so you’ll receive this notice.

Location: When we restart: online.

Our typical  format will be:

      1. Brief welcome/orientation
      2. Opening practice (25 minutes)
      3. Brief check-in (5-10 minutes)
      4. Topic presentation (varies each week) (25 minutes)
      5. Closing practice (25-30 minutes)

The topics will include both ways of adding to or enhancing your meditation toolkit, and ways to apply mindfulness to everyday life.

There is no formal charge for this group, but donations are gratefully accepted.

If you’ll like to come, please contact me ahead of time by using this form.