Receiving my Mindfulness Teacher diploma from Tim Burnett of Mindfulness Northwest

I came to mindfulness via early childhood trauma. It had been dormant (or at least unseen by me) for over five decades, then the symptoms showed up. After more than four fruitless years of various drug therapies, talk therapies, “alternative” therapies, each preceded by a different diagnosis, a very wise doctor at the Mayo Clinic suggested I try a new approach – and among the recommendations was taking a training I had never heard of: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

I took the course in the fall 0f 2015, and I was hooked. I followed it with Mindful Self-Compassion, and they have made all the difference in the world. It taught me how to live with it without all the extra symptoms that I had been experiencing (mainly depression). And that’s the essence of mindfulness practices: facing and accepting what’s in front of us without layering on unnecessary anxiety and suffering.

I’ve been meditating seriously since then, and two years later, entered a 9-month training program for teaching mindfulness at Mindfulness Northwest here in Bellingham. I graduated in June of 2018, and completed an additional course of work, including teaching introductory classes for Mindfulness Northwest, to be not just trained, but Certified, as a Mindfulness Teacher.

I’ve continued to teach the Getting Started with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion class for Mindfulness Northwest, and have led numerous introductory workshops.

While I continue to teach with Mindfulness Northwest, I also offer classes and workshops on my own.

Some personal data: I was born in Minnesota, but spent my entire childhood in the Middle East, primarily in Beirut, Lebanon. I worked in Saudi Arabia for the first eight years out of college, then lived and worked in the area of St. Paul, Minnesota as a banker, financial planner, publisher (of a small newspaper), and small business consultant, with short stints at a Geology Research Laboratory (where I started a PhD) and the Environmental Institute at the University of Minnesota in between.  I am currently unmarried, and have three adult children.