Welcome to Mindfulness For Your Life!

This site (and my practice) is focused on mindfulness practices with a heavy emphasis on connecting them to your actual life. We’ll get into some theory, some science, and certainly some inspiration as well, not to mention have a little fun with it all, but mainly I am focused on the bringing our practices into our everyday lives in a practical way. 

I’ll be working constantly on putting more information, suggestions, and guided meditations up here as I go along, so be sure to keep in touch. Many of these will make their first appearance in my newsletter – so please do sign up using the link at the top right of this page. 

I’m also steadily increasing the amount of public teaching I do. All of my classes and workshops are priced as cheaply as I can – and many are available for whatever donation you can make. And like this site, they’ll be offered with a strong focus to the practical. Keep an eye on the newsletter for announcements.

I’m also happy to answer questions about mindfulness generally and to help you if questions or concerns arise during your practices – you can get in touch on the Contact page.